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I've been playing around with Unity for a long while now, but never really got much further than basic user input and simple controls. I've started many projects but never finished any. I wanted to work on something simple from start to finish, doing as much of it as possible myself to learn more about game development.  I was inspired by the game play of simple air-hockey games, but wanted to add a little extra game play and theme wise, hence the space wizard theme.

It's taken me a long while, and it's still not "finished" but I'm happy with how it stands currently and hope others can get some entertainment out of it :3 It's a good mindless time passing game if you've got a few minutes to spare.

Depending on my free time moving forward, I may implement a better enemy AI, since this one is fairly janky, and may also include some background music.


magicka-pong.rar 19 MB

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